The Unicorn | Miguel Lopez de Leon

Friday, January 1, 2016

Reading The Unicorn is like riding a roller coaster through an alternate universe which crash lands into the real world and turns into a horrible nightmare.

The Unicorn by Miguel Lopez de Leon revolves around a very unique family that live a life filled with talking teacups, water nymphs, gingerbread men that come to life, and other fantastical happenings. This abnormal family is then faced with very real life problems as their fantasy world comes crashing down around them, only to be replaced by fabricated delusions that tear them apart. The Unicorn is such a heart-wrenchingly accurate portrayal of what happens when families are faced with change and difficult situations. Everyone reacts differently, some to the detriment of themselves and others.

I was a bit confused and then hesitant to keep reading when I first started this book. While I enjoy fantasy, I had to push myself through the oddities in this story; it just seemed to lack purpose at first. After finishing the story, I was blown away. Looking at the story as whole, the silly beginning emphasizes the stark contrast and change that occurs within the story. The ending is really the best part, and pushing through the beginning of the story was definitely worth it. However, if the beginning was fleshed out a bit more in the scenes that really matter and some of the scenes that don't really serve a purpose were cut out, I think this book could be amazing!

Overall, I enjoyed this little novella, and I look forward to reading some of Miguel Lopez de Leon's other books as well!

I received a copy of this book through a Goodreads Firstreads Giveaway.