The Sephra's Tear | Robyn Bachar

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Sephra's Tear has a beautiful cover and an enticing description, so I was looking forward to reading this story. Cordelia, a wizard of the dark House Dorchada, has carefully planned her escape for years, and all was going according to plan, until her father commands her to marry the old weathly Lord of Frostever. To escape the impending marriage, she decides to risk everything to create a Sephra's Tear, the most powerful and forbidden lust amulet, at the request of a black market buyer who offers a large sum of money.

The story has a great beginning. It starts off with so much intrigue, drama, and action that I tore through the pages. There is a vast array of magic, wizards, assassins, thieves, and even elves. It was exciting; I loved the characters, the magic, and the romance. The romantic parts do get a little hot and heavy. One of the requirements for making a Sephra's Tear is sex, and not just any old sex will do the trick. As the story moves forward, everything gets a little muddled and confusing. I was thrown off by the sudden shift in pace and the awkward indecisiveness. Cordelia has a plan all laid out, but then the plan changes and then changes again. I didn't really see the point; it was unnecessary, confusing, and didn't move the story forward. Most disappointingly the ending was just too predictable and easy. It was too anticlimactic, and everything they needed was just handed to them. 

Overall, there are some good things that I liked about this book, but the ending just ruined it. I think there is a great concept and a great story in the Sephra's Tear, but the execution is lacking creativity and structure. 

I received a copy of this book through a Goodreads Firstreads Giveway.